Find Purpose

You were designed with a purpose. Until you find that purpose you will never be truly satisfied. You can try all kinds of things to satisfy you in life but eventually they will fail, people let you down, things you trust disappear and life can leave you feeling empty. Maybe you’ve been chasing success and feel empty – or simply feel like you’re a failure.

There is hope.

Bernard Langer, a world famous golfer, said this, “I had a beautiful wife and had achieved everything I could ever have dreamed of. But something was missing.”

You have meaning and a purpose

No matter what you think of yourself, you were designed to have meaning, value and purpose. You are not a cosmic accident floating through time without meaning, like some people would make you believe – this wrong thinking causes people to have no purpose or hope but it is not true!

A famous author and speaker called Ravi Zacharias explained that we all have deep questions about four key areas of life: origin, meaning, morality and destiny. Now if these aren’t words you think about, let’s help explain them a bit:

  1. Origin – where did we come from
  2. Meaning – what is my purpose, why am I here?
  3. Morality – questions about good and evil
  4. Destiny – what happens to me when I die?

Think about your worldview and view of life? Can you answer these four questions enough to make sense of the world? Really?

God has the answers you are looking for

Bernard Langer carried on to say, “I encourage you to consider your own relationship with God through Christ. It is a decision I have never regretted.”

God has your answers, no matter what your questions and feelings are. He designed you with a purpose. You are not a cosmic accident floating in the universe without meaning like atheism tells you.

The evidence in our world points to a creator – to God… the complexity of design, archaeology agreeing with the Bible, the perfect balance in our universe to sustain life, quantum physics pointing to an unseen world around us and more.

So here’s what God says and it’s a message of good news and hope.

  1. God, the creator of the universe, created you specifically. He designed you, put you together in your mother’s womb and knows everything about you. You are known and loved.
  2. Your purpose is unique to you. Your life has meaning and value. Ultimately your life works best when you say yes to God. Not because he’s power-mad but because he offers you the option to go his way where things work out for the best – or your way, where things don’t work out for the best.
  3. Your questions about good and evil are answered by God. He created a perfect world, mankind rejected God and has made a right mess of the world. The evil we see around us is the result of humanity’s mess and because there is an evil one who wants to kill and destroy you. God alone is good and Jesus came to die to take away the mess and put things right. We just need to turn to Jesus and ask for his help.
  4. The Bible makes it clear that God will bring ultimate justice for all the wrong in the world. People’s evil will not go unpunished. A good God is also a God who brings justice, just as a good parent is one who does right for their children. One day there will be an accounting of our lives and the Bible tells us the reality of a heaven and a hell.

How do I find meaning, purpose?

My life was going nowhere. I was involved in football violence and drugs. I found myself with people who were vicious, full of hate and happy to use weapons. While my brother was working to help children in Africa, I was in a mess. One day I heard the news my brother had been killed. It totally rocked my world to the core. I realised I couldn’t get through it alone. So I just cried out to God, “I can’t do this alone, I need you in my life. Please change me.” From that moment, things began to change. God helped me deal with the death, gave me peace, helped me recover. He set me to work with young people and with music and media. He sent me to places and challenged me. He changed my heart, little by little. Things have often been hard and I’ve had questions. But being a Christian is simply about following God. It’s real, not about rules and it works. I’m just one living testimony of this.”

So if you’re looking for meaning and purpose, consider this:

“Jesus stepped down and he carried me
From a place face down, changed my reality
I was lost in the darkness and needed a light
Then found the love of Christ radiating so bright”

Make this your prayer today – ‘God help me and change me. Amen.’