Coronavirus Hope

The coronavirus / covid-19 pandemic has caused many people around the world to suffer and be full of fear about catching the virus, suffering or dying. Many thousands of people have died from the virus with others having suffered loss or health issues. Life seems to have radically changed and the world is processing what this change looks like and whether it will be permanent. The world is full of hope for a cure / treatment and an effective vaccine.

In times like this, we can be full of anxiety, full of worry and it makes us question our lives and the world we live in. A time of shaking causes us to think again about who we are, what matters, death and what happens after death. We have big questions about life, our meaning and have the opportunity to think again about how we do life.

But even with a pandemic or plague, there is hope.

Hope from World War II

Back in 1940 during World War 2 there was an amazing event that happened when 338,226 Allied soldiers were rescued from Dunkirk in Northern France. The Nazis had smashed their way through Europe, killing and destroying – just like the Covid-19 virus has. But a plan was hatched to rescue people so that the world could fight the evil plans of Hitler and the Nazis.

One man who escaped from the beaches of Dunkirk said this: “There were no atheists at Dunkirk.”

What he meant was that the danger and fear was so great that everyone was praying to God for safety. It wasn’t a sign of weakness. It was a sign that what was going on was much bigger than any person could deal with alone. And they turned to God, the one who is bigger than any problem. And that day was a key day that turned World War II around, leading to eventual victory for the Allies.

Life, death, hope and trust

One thing that the virus does is challenge everything that we value and everything that we put our trust in. It has stripped back some of the things in life that don’t really matter and shown us what really matters – life, other people, family, love and kindness. It has shaken our comfort and shown that man isn’t in control of everything that happens. It’s shown the best and worst of us. Despite our best efforts, many people have tragically died across the world. It’s heartbreaking for us all. But it’s revealed how life is short, how life is about people not about things and brought us face to face with questions about death and what happens when we die.

Are you struggling with fear, terror or questions about death? Does the thought of death scare you, wondering what happens next? These are questions we all have to face but the Bible has a very clear answers about all of this and it’s a message of hope and a future. It’s really very simple and it’s something that gives us hope now and for the future…

Right now we are searching for an effective safe vaccine to the virus pandemic in the world.

The Bible gives us a clear ‘vaccine’ to the mess that the world is in. Jesus.

The Bible tells us God made the world and it was good. Mankind decided to reject that good and go their own way. The result was a big mess – hatred, war, sickness. The antidote was Jesus who ‘paid the price’ for all the bad stuff. All we need to do is turn away from the wrong we do and put our trust in Jesus who (like a good shepherd or guide) brings us right way round again and helps us. It’s not a bunch of rules, it’s simply about believing in Jesus.

If you feel worried or troubled or fear death, then Jesus can give you hope if you ask Him today. Just say ‘Jesus help me, show me your love. I need your help.’ And if you’re genuine with God, He will find you.